Manzar Muzik Kiddos an exclusive Kids entertainment channel launched

New Delhi, India, Jan 30, 2018 – In an exciting and unique development, Manzar Entertainment launched an Exclusive Rhyming Series for Kids named „Manzar Muzik Kiddos“.

Manzar Muzik Kiddos would exclusively focus on untapped market of Children“s and Young Parents who according to the company would be their target audience. With Famous Jingles and Nursery rhymes, the channel wishes post more such exclusive content for their Audience.

Manzar Muzik core YouTube channel has already established a Strong space in its genre as out of 7 published video 4 were Trending for more than a day over YouTube India Trending.

Manish Arora, better known by his stage name Manzar, Owner and Producer at Manzar Entertainment, said: „Manzar Entertainment has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making a commotion in the industry. Manzar Muzik Kiddos aims to be exciting and unique in its online approach and build a educational space in musical style for the kids and young parents. The new channel will help a lot to Kids and Young Parents to recite the famous nursery rhymes and jingles.“

Hemanand – Fiilmmaker / Music Composer and Founder of Moon Digital who is also a core member of Manzar Muzik Kiddos said on this occasion that these types of content which are highly engaging and educating are essential in today“s scenario. And we have just created this to fill the gap. Based upon performance and audience choice we would plan another set of content.

Anurag Singh – Composer / Music Producer and Founder of said that the lyrics and beats are in place according to the highest international standard. The beats are wisely chosen in accordance to the audience we are eying for. We are very hopeful that the audience would love our work.
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